One of the hottest and coldest ad forms is push notifications. Because push advertising is visible but does not appear to be traditional advertising, it might be classified as a native ad format. Push ads are quite effective in affiliate marketing and please with their strict moderation standards.

The concept of web push notifications is not new. However, they have only recently begun to be utilized for advertising objectives. Push marketing exploded in popularity towards the end of 2018 and continues to enthrall people with its ease of use and impressive outcomes.


The concept of web push notifications has been around for quite some time. Apple originally used it in 2009 to convey messages to users from servers or apps. Google and Microsoft were quick to discover and adopt this idea.

  • Web push notifications — this technique uses the server to provide notifications via browser subscription. Apple and other business titans have used it.
  • Push notifications in apps — technology that sends notifications to app users. This type of push could include social media updates and app reminders, for example. App push notifications communicate with existing users rather than courting new ones. In-app push alerts are now being used for advertising purposes as well.
  • This is the final phase in the development of push notification technology: In-page push notifications. The in-page push ad style allows advertisers to reach IOS users who previously had no access to ads.

In-page push is similar to pop-ups in terms of functionality, but it may appear as a push notification window or a message from messengers. It’s usually used to show off new messages in social network web versions.

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